EOS, a leading manufacturer of SLS and DMLS industrial 3D printers, has announced that Automotive Trim Developments (ATD), a group of companies that engineers and manufactures complete interior finishes and electromechanical assemblies for the automotive and transportation industries, has installed two metal 3D printers – EOS M 290. As a result, the implementation of ATD will undergo a radical change in the area of ​​engineering and production standards. Based on its extensive experience in CNC manufacturing, ATD has begun adapting new additive manufacturing processes and EOS will provide support at every stage of the transition to active manufacturing.

In the engineering phase of the project to develop an electromechanical module for the interior of a luxury vehicle, ATD had to meet an engineering challenge with one specific component. The large and complex component is clearly visible and light, and the only way to produce it is through metal 3D printing. Adopting this approach enables the ATD to achieve its target weight while ensuring a high quality component, both aesthetically and functionally, after high polishing and electroplating in the post-treatment process.

Additive manufacturing was a completely new process for ATD, but by working with the EOS Additive Minds team, the company was able to implement a complete turnkey solution that included not only training, installation and configuration of EOS M 290 machines, but every aspect of transformation on the shop floor . This included a manufacturing business case study, hall floor layout, health and safety procedures, maintenance regimes, and guidelines for the quality requirements of certified components. EOS Additive Minds provided consulting support for the development of prototype parts, with the machines pre-programmed before being installed on site by EOS – ready to go right now – a complete turnkey solution.

This is how Brett Townsend, owner and managing director at ATD describes it:

Metal 3D printing is often misunderstood as an immature process and too costly for production volume, but it has proved to be ideal for us. Our investment in additive manufacturing and EOS 3D printers is a long-term investment that has already enabled us to rapidly move to the production of high-quality complex automotive components.

The EOS M 290 metal 3D printing system has set the industry standard for producing consistent part quality. It was launched in 2014 and has since been widely regarded as the benchmark industrial 3D printer in the industry. It has a working area of 250 x 250 x 300 mm and offers a wide range of proven materials to meet the needs of each application. The exceptionally high beam quality and detail resolution are ideal for the production of highly complex components with consistent properties, such as those found in the entire automotive sector.

Source: www.eos.info
Photo: www.eos.info

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