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Authentise launches a 3D printing database powered by ChatGPT

Authentise, a software company specializing in process management software for engineering and manufacturing, has launched 3DGPT, a comprehensive knowledge base for 3D printing technology powered by the OpenAI ChatGPT platform. Importantly, the database is available to users free of charge.

Thanks to 3DGPT, users can ask any questions – from general questions, such as “What additional technologies can I use for 3D concrete printing?”, to more specific ones, such as “How to reduce the likelihood of defects when working with stainless steel in powder technology?” – and receive intelligent answers based on in-depth industry knowledge. The answers use both the knowledge contained in scientific articles and standards, as well as the general knowledge on which OpenAI’s ChatGPT is based. Uniquely, the tool cites the source of its more technical answers, giving users the ability to scrutinize 3DGPT answers.

The system is now open for public testing at www.authentise.com/3dgpt.
“Artificial intelligence is advancing at an incredible pace, and the community working on additional technologies should see how it can benefit from it. Authentise has always focused on integrating the best algorithms into its processes, so we are pleased to be the first to teach Great Language Models decades of knowledge about additional technologies,” says Andre Wegner, CEO.

“Personally, I am constantly amazed by the knowledge in this industry. It’s a pleasure to help spread it, but it’s only the beginning. We see many ways this tool can be useful in our product portfolio – whether it’s to create reliable and efficient processes or to create RFPs with multiple references to standards. Before that happens, we, Authentise, as well as our partners such as ASTM, naturally need to understand the possibilities and limitations of this technology; for example, we know that GPT algorithms sometimes tend to produce unexpected results. By presenting this at TCT360, an event that symbolizes knowledge sharing, it will help us understand how people will and want to use 3D GPT.”

Source: www.authentise.com

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