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Arburg is validating a new material for its 3D printers – PC ESD from Mechnano

Arburg – a leading manufacturer of machines for plastics processing, including 3D printers printing directly from granules, announced the successful completion of tests using PC ESD material supplied by Mechnano. Polycarbonate-based granules with static dissipative properties can now be used on Freeformer 3D printers.

Thanks to the breakthrough technology of discrete, dispersed and functionalized D’Func carbon nanotubes, PC ESD Mechnano granules will allow users of Arburg 3D printers to produce static dissipative parts with advanced properties. This opens up new opportunities for 3D printing, especially in industries where ESD is crucial in the production process or finished product.

The proprietary Mechnano – D’Func technology detangles, separates and functionalizes CNTs, and then disperses them in thermoplastic polycarbonate, which is granulated. Unlike other CNT reinforced materials, PC ESD Mechnano granules are unique in providing uniform electrical properties. Mechnano’s nano-engineered dispersions eliminate CNT agglomerations that cause non-uniform static dissipation, enabling 100% ESD coverage.

Source: www.mechnano.com

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