Nikon announces the launch of a new company dedicated to additive manufacturing – Nikon Advanced Manufacturing

Nikon Corporation has announced the formation of a new company – Nikon Advanced Manufacturing, which plans to start operations in July 2023. The new company will be based in California, USA, and will serve as the global headquarters for its advanced manufacturing business, founded in April 2023. The launch of the company marks an important step in Nikon’s Vision 2030 strategic plan. Nikon is consolidating its assets to drive innovation and synergies, while enabling SLM Solutions Group AG and Morf3D Inc. individual support for customer programs.

As part of Vision 2030, Nikon has set itself the goal of becoming a key supplier of manufacturing technologies in the world, with a particular focus on digital manufacturing. Drawing on its expertise in advanced optoelectronics and precision technologies, and its renowned brand, Nikon intends to innovate in manufacturing, together with customers and partners.

In 2019, Nikon established a dedicated department to accelerate the introduction of new, growing businesses such as advanced manufacturing technologies. Since then, thanks to the use of synergies resulting from strategic investments, including the acquisition of SLM Solutions Group AG – a leading manufacturer of 3D printers for metal in the world and Morf3D Inc. (Morf3D), a complete solutions provider in the field of 3D printing, Nikon has made significant strides in digital manufacturing. The implementation of these innovative programs led to the launch of Nikon Advanced Manufacturing, an organization that will be responsible for scaling and managing all assets of the acquired companies.

This is the first time in the company’s more than 100-year history that the Nikon business unit’s global headquarters will be outside of Japan. SLM, Morf3D and other digital manufacturing investments will be consolidated into Nikon Advanced Manufacturing, which will also be responsible for the existing 3D printing business. The California location provides a great connection to customers and partners, including the aerospace and defense industries, and allows for a highly qualified, diverse and open-minded team focused on the success of the organization and its customers.

Nikon Advanced Manufacturing combines the company’s extensive expertise in advanced manufacturing with SLM and Morf3D capabilities. Nikon plans to offer holistic, industrialized and fully scalable solutions, including global turnkey factory building capabilities for customers in locations of their choice. In addition, SLM and Morf3D will continue to support separate customer programs and requirements.


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