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Adjusting the tension of PRUSA 3D printer belts using a smartphone application

PRUSA Research – a Czech manufacturer of amateur and desktop 3D printers, has launched a mobile application that allows you to check the tension level of drive belts in Prusa Mk3, Mk4 and XL models. The application called PRUSA BELT analyzes the vibrations of the belts using the smartphone’s microphone.

The correct tension of the drive belts in FDM / FFF 3D printers is important so that the print head can move precisely in a given axis. Too loose strips may cause inaccuracies in the resulting 3D print, while too tight strips burden the mechanical parts of the 3D printer. PRUSA BELT allows you to easily and quickly check the belt tension and adjust it.

Until now, belt tension had to be checked using mechanical measurement methods. Thanks to the new measurement application, you can use your smartphone for this purpose. After selecting the type of 3D printer and its axis, the application shows in real time whether the voltage is optimal, too high or too low. PRUSA BELT works with both Android and iPhone. It is available at this address: www.belt.connect.prusa3d.com.

Source: www.prusa3d.com

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