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3YOURMIND and Phillips receive a $2.5 million contract from the US Marine Corps

3YOURMIND – a producer of software for industrial 3D printing, together with Phillips Corp. Federal Division to work with the Advanced Manufacturing Operations Cell (AMOC) of the U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command. Under the $2.5 million contract, the companies will implement digital solutions for additive manufacturing technologies for the U.S. military.

The Digital Manufacturing Data Vault (DMDV) is a centralized digital repository for the Marine Corps that collects data and design solutions. It is extremely important for AMOC to expand its 3D printing business. The integration of 3YOURMIND part identification software with the DMDV will fuel the efforts of soldiers in approving spare parts used in battlefield equipment. The order is part of a larger Department of Defense mission to move supply chains to the North American continent, create distributed manufacturing networks and functionally maintain legacy equipment using 3D printing technology.

The $2.5 million deal with AMOC follows on from the first one-year deal with 3YOURMIND and Phillips Corp. Federal Division. In its first year of implementation, several key milestones were achieved, including the verification of 3YOURMIND’s part identification capabilities by analyzing over 10,000 parts and demonstrating compatibility with other software systems used by DMDV. A specially developed algorithm for this project focuses on 12 key factors that indicate the possibility of printing parts or components. Of the first 10,000 parts analyzed, 50 parts were identified due to priority and the possibility of 3D printing, which allowed potential savings of at least 1,000 days of lead time per part.

In the second year of the initiative, these achievements will be developed and further configuration of the 3YOURMIND software with own systems and third party systems, such as PTC Windchill used by DMDV. AMOC will also introduce 2D drawing analysis capabilities to quickly analyze technical data packets for conversion into 3D models.

Source: www.3yourmind.com

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