3D Systems Officially Comments on Stratasys Acquisition Proposal – Stratasys Officially Responds…

May 30 3D Systems has made an “unsolicited, non-binding indicative offer” to acquire its biggest competitor Stratasys. Under the proposal, after a possible merger, Stratasys shareholders would own approximately 40% of the newly formed company and receive approximately $540 million in cash. Today, 3D Systems issued an official statement on this matter addressed to its own shareholders, and just a few hours later, Stratasys issued its own statement in which it responds to the submitted proposal …

Until the announcement, 3D Systems has not received any response from Stratasys representatives, even though the company believes that a possible merger of the two companies would be extremely beneficial for the shareholders and the activities of the new entity on the 3D printing market. At the same time, the possible merger would concern only 3D Systems and Stratasys, and would not include the share of Desktop Metal …

3D Systems President and CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Graves, said: “Following the extremely positive market response to our proposal and the positive feedback we have received from many shareholders, we felt it was important to provide our shareholders with an update (…) Stratasys was not involved in the discussions from 3D Systems since we sent our offer 21 days ago, and has not commented on it publicly – other than acknowledging receipt of our proposal.”

Dr Graves added: “We believe that the combination of our two companies offers our shareholders (…) immediate value and long-term growth. The additive manufacturing industry is at a critical juncture and we believe now is the right time to continue this combination to take advantage of the economies of scale that our combined company would provide. We believe that our proposal is superior to the ongoing transaction (Stratasys merger with Desktop Metal – editorial note) and we expect the Stratasys management to engage with us immediately to reach an agreement on the transaction for the benefit of the shareholders of both companies. We are committed to making this connection a reality as soon as possible.”

The message had some effect as Stratasys responded to it. Unfortunately, 3D Systems expected rather different information …

Stratasys announced that its board of directors, after careful consideration and consultation with independent financial and legal advisors, unanimously determined that the “unsolicited, non-binding indicative offer” dated May 30, 2023 by 3D Systems Corporation to acquire Stratasys does not constitute “the best offer” and does not constitute a basis for starting talks, in accordance with the terms of the merger agreement with Desktop Metal.

In an official teleconference held approximately 4 hours after 3D Systems released its announcement, Stratasys CEO Yoav Zeif said: “With extensive analysis of the metal 3D printing sector, we believe that Desktop Metal has the best and most advanced technology for mass production”. Stratasys has also filed a preliminary Form F-4 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and certain revenue and EBITDA estimates for the proposed merger with Desktop Metal, Inc. taking into account potential growth and profitability.

Stratasys says the merger with Desktop Metal will accelerate the company’s strategy of bringing additive manufacturing to mass production.

Thus, for the moment, the proposal of 3D Systems has been rejected …

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