The use of HP Multi Jet Fusion technology in the production of elements for 3D bioprinters

Briinter – a Finnish manufacturer of 3D bioprinters uses HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology in the production of a whole lot of structural parts that it assembles in its devices. The company specializes in an individual approach to specific customer needs and each of its bioprinters is created to individual order. Binter machines are used both as a tool for basic research in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, as well as for the production or testing of drugs.

Using HP’s MJF technology, Binter has created more than 60 different parts, representing 75% of all medical components used in bioprinting. Previously, the company relied on traditional manufacturing methods, where it took weeks or even months to develop and test new components. In addition, relying on suppliers from different parts of the world carried risks in the context of disrupted logistics chains.

Thanks to cooperation with 3DTech, which uses HP 3D printers, Binter accelerated research and development processes in the area of rapid prototyping and component testing to a few days. This synergy has allowed innovative technologies and products to be brought to market in a much shorter time, increasing efficiency and saving costs. HP’s 3D printing technology has become a key tool, enabling Binter to produce tailor-made parts. Brinter CEO Tomi Kalpio praises the collaboration, saying, “The combination of HP 3D printing, 3DTech services and Brinter products is a perfect match as each company shares a passion for additive technology.”

Thanks to HP’s MJF technology, the Binter bioprinter stands out on the market with high modularity and genuine multi-material printing capabilities. Various elements, such as the inner shapes of the boxes, poka-yoke slots for individual components, and head holders, were printed using MJF 3D printing.

Ultimately, the use of additive technology allowed part and version numbers to be printed directly on the components for easy traceability throughout the supply chain, from production to customer service. This combination of accelerated process, improved quality and greater efficiency demonstrates the power of 3D printing technology in the MedTech industry.

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