Ultimaker – the biggest manufacturer of low-budget 3D printers in Europe and one of pioneers of RepRap and of the 3D printing industry itself, announced stopping of manufacturing of its flagship device – Ultimaker Original. It is the first, original model of a 3D printer, which was designed and sold in 2011 by the co-founders of the company – Martijn Elserman, Erik de Bruijn and Siert Wijnia from Holland.

Ultimaker Original (from 2013, previously known just as Ultimaker) is a 3D printer for self-assembly with characteristic wooden casing. It doesn’t differ a lot from the version from 2011, but over the years its constriction was changed and improved, so it doesn’t considerably diverge from another machines of this class available on the market.

Withdrawing of Ultimaker Original, doesn’t mean that the company stops to manufacture and sell kits for self-assembly. In the offer you will still find the Original +, which is a developed version of its predecessor.  It is equipped with: a heated working bed, an UltiController Bernharda Kubicka and a developed Bertha feeder.

Because of this fact, Ultimaker changed the prices of the 3D printers. Original costs now 795 $, a Original+ 995 $.

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