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UltiMaker presents a new composite filament – PET with carbon fiber

UltiMaker – a company founded by the merger of the Dutch Ultimaker with the American MakerBot, announced the introduction of a new filament to its product portfolio – PET Carbon Fiber (CF). This composite material is dedicated to the UltiMaker S series 3D printers and offers exceptional strength, high resistance to high temperatures and chemicals, which is to make it ideal for many industries that need strong, high-performance applications made of plastics.

UltiMaker PET CF allows you to create stronger and more precise parts for many applications, such as production tools, tooling and end parts. Engineers can also take advantage of the PET CF in their engineering prototypes, allowing easy and extensive testing of technical concepts and features. In addition, PET CF offers a reliable solution for replacing damaged or hard-to-reach parts.

One of the unique features of PET CF is its ability to achieve even higher strength, stiffness and temperature resistance by annealing. Through this process, engineers can achieve heat resistance of up to 181°C and increase strength by up to 30% and stiffness by 10%, resulting in parts that excel in demanding environments.

PET CF material is compatible with dedicated support materials such as UltiMaker PVA and Breakaway. The company offers PET CF in several colors, allowing users to color code their carbon fiber prints to meet specific use cases or aesthetic requirements.

UltiMaker PET CF and the UltiMaker PET CF Expansion Kit are expected to be available by the end of June. This kit includes two black PET CF rolls, one blue and one gray roll each, and two 0.4mm and 0.6mm Print Core CC printheads.

Source: UltiMaker press materials

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