Ultimaker has announced that it has received ISO / IEC 27001 certification – an internationally recognized information security management standard. The certification certifies that the security policies and processes that Ultimaker applies to all of its operations – including 3D printer software and component products – are rigorous and robust. Achieving this gold standard makes Ultimaker one of the first 3D printing companies on the market to obtain an independent information security certification.

In a time of increasing cyber threats against businesses, Ultimaker’s ISO / IEC 27001 certification demonstrates a strong commitment to the security of our customers. We know that protecting information and avoiding costly disruptions to production processes is the highest priority for all companies. That’s why Ultimaker has invested in implementing strict security procedures and protocols across its entire 3D printing platform and incorporates security into every technical decision we make. The Ultimaker team is very proud to be one of the first and only additive manufacturing platforms to comply with ISO / IEC 27001. This means that customers can use our software products and services with the confidence that they are managed in accordance with the ISO / IEC 27001 standard. internationally recognized safety standards for enterprises” says Jürgen von Hollen, CEO of Ultimaker.

The main threats Ultimaker aims to prevent are:

  • disruptions to business processes, in particular due to threats attacking devices or applications that can act as bridges to the customer’s systems and infrastructure
  • loss of quality during the 3D printing process
  • interference with customer data, products and services.

Sectors such as defense, aviation and education often have unique security requirements. Ultimaker has many years of customer relationships in all these areas who have already demonstrated advanced security practices when implementing 3D printing.

Source: www.ultimaker.com

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