UltiMaker – the company was created as a result of this year’s merger of two leaders of desktop 3D printing in the world, Ultimaker and MakerBot, presented the first product released under a common flag – MakerBot SKETCH Large 3D. This is the latest addition to the educational MakerBot SKETCH series, which is one of the most comprehensive 3D printing solutions for schools.

The new 3D printer has a working area of 22 x 20 x 25 cm and a closed working chamber equipped with an integrated video camera. As it is a solution aimed at working with students, the main material that can be used is PLA with a standard diameter of 1.75 mm. The working table is heated and lined with a flexible pad that makes it easy to remove 3D prints without the need for additional tools.

SKETCH Large is available as a one-station solution or as a classroom-based two-station package to support more students. Each MakerBot SKETCH Large includes:

  • SKETCH 3D printer, which has a fully closed working chamber, particle filter, heated and flexible working platform, touch screen, built-in camera, material sensors and Wi-Fi and USB functions;
  • material compatibility with MakerBot PLA and TOUGH; by default the SKETCH Large comes with three PLA spools;
  • ISTE-certified training in 3D printers, curriculum development and design thinking courses; one teacher license and fifteen student licenses for MakerBot Certification training programs for teachers and students;
  • free and easy-to-use cloud software with integration with Google for Education – MakerBot CloudPrint; allows for the preparation of prints and classroom management as well as printing, management and monitoring of 3D prints;
  • access to a comprehensive collection of 3D printing educational resources on Thingiverse, which includes access to hundreds of lesson plans and projects for all levels and subjects, and an engaged teacher community;
  • additional accessories for hassle-free 3D printing – each 3D printer comes with one additional build plate, one spatula and one pair of pliers.

UltiMaker offers a comprehensive educational ecosystem for teachers and students, giving them access to a wide variety of resources designed to improve learning in the classroom. This includes hundreds of pre-designed and proven lesson plans and plans for all learning levels, in-depth training through MakerBot Certification programs, MakerBot CloudPrint that connects to Google Classroom, and access to a growing knowledge base on one of the largest 3D printing communities among teachers on Thingiverse.

Source: www.makerbot.com
Photo: www.makerbot.com (press release / all rights reserved)

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