A Dutch company Ultimaker has launched an upgrade “Extrusion” kit, thanks to which its users can modify their 3D printers to the newest version. It is connected with a premiere of a new line of devices Ultimaker 2+. In the newest kits you can find parts, which are in standard equipment of Ultimaker 3D printers.

Ultimaker’s policy is very consequent and controversioal. The company is still working on the next lines of its 3D printeres, adding a new equipment to them, which is more or less advanced – but it is still now a revolution. Thanks to that, the users can be sure, that they will receivce a good and reliable product. On the other hand – you can find people, who find this policy too conservative and they expect more spectacular novelties.

The next case is an open-source policy and its adaptation. The sources to each Ultimaker’s 3D printers are made accessible after a few months after their official premieres. All of the upgrades are prepared to modernize older models on an easy way. Paradoxically, the policy of this kind is very profitablem what can be proved by the high position of Ultimaker in rankings of 3D printers in the world.

Extrusion upgrade kit #1

The today’s novelty into this scheme perfectly. All of the elements which are necessery to recreate your 3D printer, are available in the new kit. You don’t need any additional tools, and installing this upgrade takes about one hour.

Extrusion upgrade kit (what's in the box)

What is included in theExtrusion kit?

  • pre-assembled, new nozzlezmontowana, nowa głowica drukująca
  • swappable nozzles
  • new stepper motor guaranting bigger efficency
  • geared feeder allowing an easy swap of filament podajnik z przekładnią, pozwalający na łatwą wymianę filamentu
  • spare parts – rollers
  • calibrating card
  • new, shorter spool handle
  • tools kit for calibration of axis zestaw narzędzi do kalibracji osi
  • clamps for platform
  • „+” stickers

Extrusion upgrade kit #5

Kit “Extrusion” can be purchased by local resellers.

Źródło: www.get3D.pl

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