You wouldn’t have heard about 3D printers, if Adrian’s Bowyer project RepRap hadn’t been created, which had seen the light of day at the beginning of the XXI century. 3D print wouldn’t have been popularised on such a big scale, if three constructors: Bre Pettis from the USA, Erik de Bruijn from Holland and Josef Průša from Czech Republic hadn’t started to creare. The first created MakerBor – the most popular low-budget 3D printer in the world, the second created Ultimaker – the most popular 3D printer in Europe and the third designed a project of perfect and mostly copied RepRap in the world – Prusa i3.

During this year’s CD3D AWARD GALA 2015 we had a pleasure to have sir Patrik Reoeffen – Ultimaker’s Channel Sales Manager as a guest. Now, during 3D Printing Days in Kielce which are planned for the next week, Poland will be visited by representatives of the Josef Prusa’s company! Průša cannot unfortunatelly come for the trade because of his another obligations (he’s currently in the USA), but his team is participating in the trade and is presenting their occasional lecture for the particimants of the trade. What’s more, the company became one of the founders of the event. The other sponsors are:  TYTAN 3D, Wolfix, DPS Software, igus and the main sponsor -Zortrax.

Although the company of Průša creates and sells the same product as hunderds another companies, but it copes with it perfectly. A lot of people appriciate the contribution of the Czech in development of the low-budget 3D printing market in the world, instead of buying cheap, Chinese fakes from Aliexpress and support the creator of this construction – even more so because an original Prusa i3 costs only 655 €.

Josef Prusa

Josef Prusa

A presence of representatives of this noble and well-deserved company during the 3D Printing Days is a quite big organizational success of  Paweł Rokita and Janusza Wójcik from FabLab Kielce and a lot of the parcitipants will try to talk to people, who have created the industry of low-budget 3D print from the really beginning.

Prusa i3

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