In January 2022, Sygnis officially made the reverse acquisition of the listed company MODE S.A., making its debut on the NewConnect stock exchange. MODE was involved in the production of automatic product photography and 360° presentation systems, and after the transaction was finalized, it became part of the Sygnis product offer under the Mode_360 brand. Now Sygnis has announced the sale to polish company – OrbitVu Sp. z o.o. MODE assets covering the area of ​​product photography and 360 degrees, including all intellectual property rights, fixed assets as well as the acquisition of contracts with employees and distributors.

The selling price of MODE was set at PLN 2.07 million (about EUR 0,44 mln) for the sale of intellectual property rights and fixed assets and “no more than PLN 7 million (about EUR 1,5 mln) for the relationship with the network of agency entities distributing products related to product photography”. The final amount will be calculated on the basis of the proportion of revenues generated by OrbitVu in the area of ​​Mode_360 solutions and will be payable in annual installments until the end of 2024. At the same time, Sygnis has committed to working with OrbitVu to maintain and develop business relationships with the network of distributors and resellers until the end of August 2024

This is another important event in Sygnis’ operations in the last few months. In July, the company took over the Wrocław manufacturer of 3D printers Zmorph S.A. and in February it announced the delivery of 1960 3D printers and 16,400 filament spools to Moje Bambino under the polish goverment’s “Laboratoria Przyszłości” program (Laboratories of the Future). In the first quarter of this year. Sygnis recorded PLN 12.7 million in sales revenues (about EUR 2,7 mln), which was an increase by almost + 12% compared to the entire last year, and a net profit of PLN 3.4 million (about EUR 0,72 mln), which was + 213% more than in the entire year 2021. At the same time, the second quarter of the year was weaker, when Sygnis generated revenues of PLN 4.1 million (about EUR 0,87 mln).

At the same time, during the Deep_tech Investor Day conference, the CEO of Sygnis – Andrzej Burgs, announced further acquisitions: “with the acquisition of ZMorph, we are entering the acquisitions path faster than planned. Our long-term plans also include the acquisition of a filament manufacturer. We already have an eye on several entities. We are also interested in complementary companies from the 3D printing industry, dealing with such technological areas as the processing of thermoplastics FDM / FFF, photopolymerization of resins or laser sintering of powders.”


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