Sygnis S.A. announced the receipt of letters authorizing the company as a distributor of the British company Andor Technology and the Swiss Bitplane, which are part of the renowned Oxford Instruments company. As a result of talks between representatives of the companies, Sygnis S.A. became the exclusive distributor of technological solutions Andor Technology and Bitplane from Oxford Instruments in Poland.

Thanks to the distribution agreements signed, Sygnis will become the first and only company in Poland that will be able to deliver, among others a unique, table-top confocal microscope dedicated to research institutes, the offer also includes cameras and software for analyzing 2D and 3D images.

Andor Technology has existed since 1989, with over 70 unique products, 10,000 customers in 55 countries and 400 employees in 16 offices around the world, including Great Britain, China, Japan and the USA. It is perceived as one of the most innovative companies in the photonic industry in the world. In turn, the Swiss company Bitplane is a producer of the Imaris software, which enables the analysis of 2D and 3D images for laboratory applications.

Oxford Instruments – the parent company of Andor and Bitplane (Imaris), is a leading provider of technologically advanced products and services for industrial companies and the scientific community. The main goal of the company is to support clients in solving some of the most pressing challenges in the world, enabling, inter alia, greener economy, better communication, better medical care or making breakthroughs in research.


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