HP Inc. acquired Choose Packaging, a company that designs eco-friendly packaging and invented the only plastic-free paper bottle on the market. The patented technology of Choose Packaging is an alternative to plastic bottles and can be used to store a wide variety of liquid products. Its innovative paper bottles are made of naturally occurring and non-toxic materials and pave the way to a new standard for bottling solutions around the world.

With this acquisition, HP has placed itself in a very good position to enter the $ 10 billion market for sustainable fiber-based packaging. HP’s first step in transforming the industry was the introduction of Molded Fiber Tooling with 3D printing, designed to bring personalized fiber-based products to market faster and cheaper. Along with the integration of Choose Packaging with the business in the field of 3D printing services, HP will focus on scaling its technology and increasing the number of customers. More than 150 million tonnes of single-use plastics are produced each year, and HP intends to revolutionize this market with fiber-based packaging that is 100% plastic-free.

Choose Packaging cooperates with many large companies, including Accolade Wines – one of the largest wine companies in the world, with over 50 brands in its portfolio (including Hardys, Banrock Station and Grant Burge), Henkel – one of the largest companies producing consumer and industrial goods or Malibu Rum.

Source: www.hp.com
Photo: press release HP

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