Stratasys today announced a partnership with Adobe that will enable artists and engineers using Adobe Substance 3D Painter to easily turn digital 3D renderings into PolyJet-printed models – all without the need for additional software or external processes.

Adobe Substance 3D tools can be used to create renderings for gaming, film, fashion, architectural and any everyday products. Combined with 3D printing technology, Substance can be used to prototype products and packaging designs that can then be printed on Stratasys PolyJet photopolymer 3D printers.

Previously, Substance 3D Paint users had to use additional, external applications to prepare their designs for 3D printing – without these tools, the designs would be printed without color or textures. Now they can be seamlessly created, rendered and printed after being directly exported from Substance to a 3D printer.

Source: Stratasys press materials

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