Snapmaker, a Chinese manufacturer of 3-in-1 multifunctional 3D printers, presented in July this year. a new version of its flagship device called Artisan, equipped with a very large work area of 40 cm in the XYZ axes, a double printing module as well as more efficient tools for laser cutting and engraving and CNC milling. At the same time, the company has not forgotten about its existing customers, now introducing the double printing module to the previous model – Snapmaker 2.0.

Printing nozzles can heat up to a temperature of 300°C, which allows the use of a very wide range of materials. After replacing the printing nozzle with a steel one, abrasives such as PA-CF (polyamide doped with carbon fiber) and PA-GF (polyamide doped with glass) can also be used.

The extruder is equipped with 7.5: 1 planetary gears, transmitting power from the motor with a much higher torque, which allows us to use relatively small motors to obtain high force. The 12 mm diameter 68-tooth gears provide a sufficient contact surface for the filament being drawn in, applying a constant force to guide it to the printing nozzle.

When printing with only one active nozzle, the working nozzle will stop working after detecting no filament, and the inactive nozzle will not stop the machine. When printing with both nozzles, the device turns off after detecting a lack of filament in one of the nozzles.

The Dual Extruder Module is available for pre-order on the Official Snapmaker Store. Promotion price is $ 399 including free shipping by international airfreight. The suggested retail price is $ 599. The printing module comes with a 500g breakaway support filament spool and an additional material holder, compatible with the Snapmaker 2.0 model.

Source: Snapmaker press materials

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