Chinese manufacturer of desktop 3D printers – Snapmaker, announced the launch of a new IDEX dual-printhead 3D printer called J1. The device will be available for pre-sale from November 8, 2022 in the official Snapmaker store. Pre-order will be $ 1,099 with Free Shipping and the target MSRP will be $ 1,399.

The Snapmaker J1 (previously known as JADELABO J1) is a project created by members of Snapmaker first founding team after leaving the company. The J1 team introduced auto-calibration to the IDEX system, pioneering the development of this feature. In November 2021, after nearly a year of research and development, the J1 team decided to return to Snapmaker and use its operating system.

By optimizing the vibration compensation technology for increased speed, the Snapmaker J1 3D printer offers the highest-in-class printing speed of 350 mm / s. The advanced algorithm also reduces vibrations caused by fast movements, improving the quality of 3D printing. Thanks to the maximum acceleration of 10,000 mm / s², you can print small models filled with details with high efficiency.

The Independent Dual Extruder System (IDEX) allows two separate print heads to move independently of each other, allowing you to print two 3D models simultaneously in copy, mirror and backup modes. In addition, IDEX creates a clean bond between the two materials, allowing color mixing along the seam. J1 can deal with hollow structures, complex parts with overhangs, or precise parts with lots of detail, printing with tear-off or soluble support material.

The design of the J1 consists of a one-piece die-cast upper frame and base, and four aluminum alloy rods, inspired by an approach long used by the automotive industry of creating a body from just a few highly integrated parts.

The J1 can print delicate models with many details, thanks to the standard configuration embedded in high-precision linear rails, which are made by CNC grinding at 1 micron, ensuring smooth and stable extruder movements. This leads to a significant increase in precision, stiffness and durability for users to enjoy a fast, accurate and stable experience.

With completely redesigned extruders, the J1 provides reliable results using advanced materials to meet the design and functional requirements of a variety of engineering applications. The print heads are capable of reaching temperatures up to 300 ° C, while the two direct extruder drives allow for trouble-free 3D printing from flexible materials such as TPU.

The Snapmaker J1 is available in the manufacturer’s official store from November 8, 2022.

Source: Snapmaker press materials

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