PostProcess, manufacturer of automated and intelligent solutions for post-processing of printed parts, and EOS, one of the largest manufacturers of metal and plastic powder 3D printers in the world, have announced a distribution partnership to provide EOS customers with a fully automated powder removal solution. Complementing the EOS range of printers, PostProcess Variable Acoustic Displacement ™ (VAD) technology automates large-scale powder removal from printed parts.

Existing powder removal methods are manual or semi-automatic and may, in some cases, create safety issues for workers. The new PostProcess solution using VAD technology is thermodynamically controlled with video and infrared monitoring during the hands-free release, transfer and recovery of loose powder particles.

The patent-pending VAD technology uses software intelligence to optimize mechanical energy and intelligent closed-loop thermal and displacement techniques to deliver revolutionary bulk grinding results, enabling complete automation of the process chain. Powder removal and recovery achieved by VAD technology improves process efficiency and control, providing customers with greater durability and safety for workers, repeatability and productivity, and lower operating costs. Customers can print highly detailed and complex parts without worrying about damage in post-processing.

Since its first introduction in 2020, VAD technology has been successfully working with large industrial customers as part of its validation process, processing hundreds of SLS-produced parts in production environments.

PostProcess is a company founded in 2014 in Buffalo, New York, USA. The company’s solutions automate the most popular industrial 3D printing processes, including resin and powder removal, as well as surface finishing, enabling the preparation of large-scale, finished 3D-printed parts.

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