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SHINING3D presents FreeScan Combo: a lightweight, handheld 3D scanner with advanced features

SHINING3D – one of the largest manufacturers of 3D scanners in the world, is expanding its offer of metrological 3D scanners of the FreeScan EU series with the FreeScan Combo model. The FreeScan Combo combines the metrological precision, detailed 3D scanning and high accuracy of the FreeScan series while offering an even lighter and more compact design. The 3D scanner has 26+7+1 blue laser lines and an infrared scanning mode. Considering speed, versatility and accuracy, this high-performance metrology solution can meet the needs of various scanning scenarios, such as metrology-level quality control, reverse engineering and other applications.

FreeScan Combo achieves a scanning speed of 1,860,000 points per second in laser scanning mode and 2,250,000 points per second in infrared mode. The FreeScan Combo offers a high accuracy in accordance with VDI-VDE 2634-3 of 0.02 mm, while recording a huge amount of data per second. The new 3D scanner is characterized by an ergonomic and compact design with dimensions of 193 mm × 63 mm × 53 mm and a weight of 620 g,

The device offers great versatility – various scanning modes include:

  • 26 laser lines suitable for simple and large laser scanning
  • 7 parallel laser lines for scanning fine details
  • 1 single laser line to obtain 3D data from narrow areas such as holes
  • infrared mode for scanning without markers.

FreeScan Combo also offers a simple workflow with powerful yet user-friendly software. It integrates connections with commonly used 3D quality control and design software, allowing you to import 3D scanning data more efficiently.

Source: www.shining3d.com
Photos: www.shining3d.com (press materials / all rights reserved)

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