Shapeways – one of the largest companies providing 3D printing services in the world, announced cooperation with Desktop Metal in the area of ​​using Binder Jetting 3D metal printing technology. Through the partnership, Shapeways will use industrial desktop metal systems at its ISO-9001 facilities in Long Island, New York, and Eindhoven, the Netherlands. At the same time, Desktop Metal customers will soon be able to access fully digital, end-to-end 3D printing workflows thanks to Shapeways’ expert services and the Otto software platform.

The companies originally started their cooperation in early 2021, but will now be much tighter. Shapeways, by offering 3D printing services performed on Desktop Metal machines, will allow new, potential customers to check how the Binder Jetting technology works before they invest in the equipment themselves. The expanded offer of services will also make Desktop Metal solutions also available to smaller companies and start-ups that may not have the capital to invest in expensive production machines.

As part of the agreement, Shapeways will install Desktop Metal systems at its two plants. It will offer the company’s full portfolio: Studio System, Shop System and Production System for metal AM 3D printers, as well as a Fiber 3D printing platform from carbon fibers and RAM binder jetting for 3D printing from wooden materials. The offer will also include photopolymer 3D printing systems EnvisionTEC (a manufacturer of 3D printers acquired by Desktop Metal at the beginning of 2021). Shapeways plans to expand its service offering with more solutions from other industry partners – with an emphasis on post-processing solutions.


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