Schaeffler acquires the Belgian company Aerosint from Desktop Metal

Schaeffler AG – a German industrial company, announced the acquisition of Aerosint from Desktop Metal. Schaeffler has also entered into a collaboration with Desktop Metal, focusing on 3D printing of powders from many materials, including metal alloys and ceramics. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Desktop Metal acquired Aerosint in July 2021.

The name of the acquired company will be changed to Schaeffler Aerosint SA and incorporated into the Schaeffler Group as an additional location for Schaeffler Special Machinery – a unit dealing with the construction of special machines of the Schaeffler Group.

Andreas Schick, Chief Operating Officer at Schaeffler AG, said: “Schaeffler Aerosint SA offers the first industrial solution for simultaneous 3D printing of metal from multiple grades and alloys. This knowledge, combined with our high level of industrialization competence and decades of know-how in innovative production technologies, will give us a decisive market advantage. The acquisition of Aerosint is an important milestone in the industrial application of metal-based additive manufacturing processes in the area of Industry 4.0.”

“Schaeffler is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial components and systems, as well as bearing solutions. The company has a long track record of excellence in precision mechanical engineering and an innovative mindset open to integrating new manufacturing processes such as multi-metal 3D printing,” said Ric Fulop, founder and CEO of Desktop Metal.

Fulop continued: “We are excited to work with an experienced team in next-generation multi-material additive manufacturing. Aerosint’s Selective Powder Deposition (SPD) technology has shown spectacular potential in laser applications, and we both agree that Schaeffler has a closer roadmap to commercializing it using laser systems than our binder spray technology. We will retain the ability to commercialize the technology on our systems in the future and look forward to developing this roadmap together.”

The Belgian start-up Aerosint became famous in 2017 thanks to the technology it developed that allows for additive manufacturing using more than one powder. Aerosint technology is based on the selective application of materials (and not the creation of full layers as in the case of most laser technologies used so far), which not only allows for the fusing of various materials during one process, but also leads to significant material savings. The materials are placed in separate chambers and, during the production process, applied only in places where they will be integrated by the laser beam.

Precise dosing of powder only in places that will be subjected to laser sintering allows for a reduction in the volume of powder required, almost eliminating the need to use a plastic recycling station. Interestingly, the technology allows for making elements from a wide range of materials – polymers, ceramics and metals. Examples of applications of the technology include the production of molds with water cooling channels, cutting tools and objects where the combination of two types of material is important.


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