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ROSA3D presents new, multicolored filaments at the 3D Printing Days fair in Kielce

ROSA3D – a brand of filaments belonging to ROSA PLAST, a company operating for over 40 years on the plastics processing market, for some time it has begun to specialize in the production of multi-colored materials for 3D printing in FDM / FFF technology. Currently, ROSA3D presents its new products at the Dni Druku 3D fair in Kielce, which will last until the end of this week, i.e. until Friday, March 31, 2023.

This year ROSA PLAST celebrates its 5th anniversary on the market of 3D printing materials. During this relatively short time, the company has built a very strong position on the Polish and European markets. A great merit here is the wide range of filaments – utility and decorative, as well as high-performance and technical. For some time, ROSA3D’s hallmark has been multi-colored filaments – one spool is wound with a material in a specific color sequence, which is uniquely and phenomenally reflected in the finished 3D prints. Currently, ROSA3D has as many as 11 color versions of filaments from the PLA Rainbow and PLA Multicolour series. This is the widest range of this type of materials offered by any company in Europe. Among the novelties currently presented at the 3D Printing Days are PLA Rainbow Army Forest and PLA Multicolor Silk Tropical.

PLA Rainbow Army Forest is a filament inspired by forest camouflage. A full color cycle consisting of intense shades of khaki, olive green and brown. PLA Multicolor Silk Tropical refers in color to tropical flowers and fruits. One color cycle consisting of intense shades of orange, yellow, green and violet.

ROSA3D has also created special sets of filaments, introducing PLA Silk Multicolor packages consisting of 6 spools of 350g each. The manufacturer also announces the introduction of multi-colored filaments based on PET-G.

The materials can be viewed live until the end of the current week / month in Kielce or ordered in the ROSA3D online store.

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