ROSA3D – polish manufacturer of filaments for 3D printers of the FDM / FFF type, extends the range of PLA Starter filament colors with three new ones: pink, purple and coral pastel. Filaments are available in a diameter of 1.75 mm and can now be ordered directly from the manufacturer and official distributors. The materials come in the form of spools of weight of 0.8 kg.

PLA Starter filaments were created for novice users of 3D printers. They are characterized by low shrinkage and no odor emission during the 3D printing process. Printouts are characterized by very good layer adhesion and mapping of detail details. They are made of a biodegradable biopolymer, i.e. ingredients approved for contact with food.

PLA Starter has elevated temperature ranges than traditional PLA – the recommended 3D printing temperature is 210-240°C. Working with them does not require having a heated bed, but if the 3D printer is equipped with it, the recommended temperature is 50-70°C.

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