Renishaw, one of the leading manufacturers of metal 3D printers, is announcing a big change. In the information released a few days ago, it was announced that the founders – David McMurtry and John Deer – were planning to sell their shares. Importantly, the gentlemen own a majority stake in the company (53%), so reselling them involves taking over the ability to make decisions that are key to the company’s future.

Company founded in 1973, primarily focused on measuring devices and metrological tools, came into the 3D printing market. Over time, their portfolio has expanded with more 3D printers for metal – in recent years such devices as RenAM 500Q and Renishaw AM250 have had their premiere. But what prompted the founders to make such a decision?

The founders state it clearly, that the key factor is their age. David McMurtry, aware that the time is running, emphasized that he and John Deer want to actively contribute to ensuring the future success of their company. Together with the management board, they agreed that it was high time to take steps enabling the company to continue its uninterrupted development and decided to sell the company. Together, they will try to find owners who will be able to understand the long-standing tradition of the company, further developing and creating products.

For sales, contact with the Renishaw’s dealer – UBS is suggested. The sale, however, is associated with the amount of 4.3 billion pounds.With the considerable interest of potential customers, the price may increase even more. Who will take over the majority stake of shares? There are many options – perhaps it will be one of the important players in the 3D printing industry (see the acquisition of Arcam AB and Concept Laser by GE Additive), perhaps a company from the meteorological industry … Well, we’ll see soon.


Patrycja Dubert
Biomedical engineer interested in unconventional and innovative approach to medicine and its connection with modern technology.

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