The Spanish manufacturer of filaments for FDM / FFF Recreus Industries 3D printers introduces a new composite material – PET-G CF, doped with carbon fiber. The filament is to have excellent mechanical properties, guaranteeing high impact resistance without losing the ease of printing from classic PETG. The material costs EUR 48.29 for a 0.7 kg spool and can be ordered here.

The new material is based on the popular PETG (polyethylene terephthalate with glycol), which is doped with carbon fiber nanoparticles. It is characterized by resistance to impact and wear, high chemical and thermal resistance, as well as low density. Pure PETG itself is quite durable and can be successfully used in the production of many parts for technical and engineering purposes, and the CFF version further enhances its properties. Printed parts made of material achieve three times higher modulus of elasticity and five times higher breaking strength than conventional PETG. The filament also has better dimensional stability and accuracy, and better resistance to deformation.

PET-G CF is a very attractive material for many industries – it is ideal for the production of electronic components, machines, cars and household appliances, as well as for bicycle parts, accessories, covers and housings. Recreus recommends the use of hardened steel heads or with ruby tips for the 3D printing process – it is not suitable for working with classic brass heads, which will quickly deteriorate. The temperature of 3D printing is in the range of 245-260 ° C, and the temperature of the working table is 70 ° C. The maximum 3D printing speed is 40-60 mm / s and the retraction speed is 20-50 mm / s at and a distance of 1-2 mm.

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