Last week, the 3D printing industry was shocked and shocked by the information about the merger of Ultimakerer and Makerbot, which turns the current balance of power on the FDM / FFF desktop 3D printer market upside down. One of the last major manufacturers of this type of equipment in the world – PRUSA Research, also made an acquisition – but incomparably smaller. The company founded by Josef Prusa took over the American distribution company Printed Solid Inc. to expand US direct sales.

Printed Solid has been operating on the 3D printing market for almost 8 years. Under the acquisition by PRUSA Research, it will offer the products of the Czech manufacturer, support and training directly to US customers. Currently, Printed Solid Inc. is Prussia’s exclusive retailer for educational, government and corporate clients, and from now on they will also go directly to individual clients.

Through the fourth quarter of 2022, Printed Solid Inc. will acquire more warehouse and operational space and increase employment in order to provide full warranty and post-warranty services in the USA. It will also produce spare parts for 3D printers made on them. As a result, delivery times and response times for repairs and replacement of parts will be shortened.

David Randolph will remain the CEO of Printed Solid Incorporated, and the company will continue to maintain its own in-house brand of Jessie FDM filaments and safety housings as well as resell third-party products across all sectors of the 3D printing industry.


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