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Polystruder GR PRO – a plastic shredder based on an artificial intelligence module

Polystruder – a manufacturer of machines for shredding plastics from California, USA, has launched a new device supported by artificial intelligence. Polystruder GR PRO is a modern, efficient plastic shredder that uses AI to optimize the shredding process. It is an extremely useful device in the 3D printing industry, where plastics are used as a raw material for the production of parts and products.

The AI module in Polystruder GR PRO, called ShredAI, is used to detect material properties in real time. Based on this information, ShredAI automatically adjusts motor speed and power for optimal shredding performance. This enables the machine to efficiently shred even the toughest plastics, simplifying workflow and reducing operational challenges. ShredAI is also capable of detecting potential hazards such as jams, out of material, full bins or open hopper doors.

Along with the ShredAI technology, the Polystruder GR PRO offers a number of other advanced features such as an ultra-quiet 300W DC motor, 19 stainless double-sided blades, OTA (Over-The-Air) upgradeability, and large plastic bins for shredding and collecting shredded material.

Source: www.polystruder.com
Photo: www.polystruder.com (press materials / all rights reserved)

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