Oqton, a software vendor helping companies improve efficiency through intelligent manufacturing automation, and Eplus3D, a manufacturer of metal 3D printers, have announced a strategic partnership. Thanks to the cooperation, the companies intend to enable prosthetic laboratories to increase productivity and provide better customer service. This will be possible thanks to the availability of the Oqton Manufacturing OS platform based on artificial intelligence for users of Eplus3D 3D printers. The combination of the Oqton Manufacturing OS, Eplus3D metal 3D printing technology and the dental expertise of both organizations will help develop dental applications that include full traceability and automation of production processes.

Prosthetic laboratories that try to integrate 3D printing into their manufacturing processes often face the challenge of a lack of qualified personnel and the need for time-consuming, repetitive workflows. The problem is also regulations and certificates, such as the EU regulations on medical devices or ISO-13485 certifications, which require full traceability of machines, people and materials at every stage of prosthetic work.

Thanks to the Oqton Manufacturing OS operating system, Eplus3D customers will have full transparency and traceability throughout the entire workflow thanks to the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Machine Monitoring (IoT) capabilities, which will help increase efficiency and provide greater comfort in preparing jobs for 3D printing.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, Oqton Manufacturing OS automates the entire workflow, from initial design to preparing files for production, which can significantly reduce personnel requirements. Oqton’s software also includes high-density sandwich nesting and the non-locking 3D nesting of removable partial denture (RPD) frames, allowing you to fit many more parts. The system also enables planning the work of employees, machines and materials in many production plants.

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