An essence of extreme filming is a possibility to capture the best moments in the best quality. Adrenaline freaks grapple often with improper stabilisation of their devices, it is also problematic to assemble them in not typical places. Cases offered for standard sports & actions cameras can’t be used in any weather conditions, some of them can’t guarantee wanted stabilisation of pictures. Since than, film-makers and extreme sports lovers have created alternative solutions, using available tools and items, through trial and errors. It turns out, that 3D printing technology can be unrivalled in this case.

A Polish design studio Nixa crated a kit of special accessories for sports & actions cameras, which guarantee better stability and possibility to assembly it almost everywhere. It was created using 3D printers Zortrax M200 and the dedicated Zortrax’s filaments. An additional advantage of it, is its attractive price and quick time of realisation of the project. 3D print can also help with creating prototypes of totally new solutions for mass production.

Handles designed by Nixa can move in all of the 3 axis and let to film from your hand and also when you put them on not typical surface (f.e. to steering wheel of your car or to tennis rocket). Thanks to various materials of Zortrax, professionals, who look for extremely resistant and ultra light solutions, can adapt the casing to their own needs.


A handle called Nut-Crusher, is an ergonomic and universal product, enabling installation of a sports & actions camera on any round profile of diameter of 15-30mm. Thanks to the materials worked out by Zortrax, they are more resistant than another solutions of this type. Fig Rig! enables to film using a grip, on which you can put your both hands. In its central part there is a clamp, to put any sports & actions camera or a small photo camera. On the top there are two rails on which you can assemble a LED or flash lamp.


Undoubtedly, a great advantage of Shark casing is a possibility to assemble handles horizontally or vertically (thanks to double system of handles, placed on the top and bottom. It’s perfect for any type of casks. Nixa’s project develop the Zortrax Library.

Zortrax Library is a free of charge platform, where you can upload, download and store your projects. Additionally you have an access to several tools. You can share your opinions and experiences there and moreover show effects of your work and ask another users for advice. You can log in with your account on Facebook. You can comment on projects, add them to favourites, download, edit and share in social networks. You can admire works of famous designers like Samuel Bernier, Joe Bowers or Craig Barr.


The project of the Polish studio shows a variety of applications of the 3D printing technology. Thanks to your creativity, you can improve available and cheap solutions for professionals and develop prototypes of existing devices. Your prototypes can be a basis for the next improvements. Nixa’s accessories are kind of answer on market demand on new, cheaper and more functional devices.  The 3D printing technology will surprise you many times.

Source: Zortrax

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