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New materials for 3D printing in the PRINT-ME offer: rPET-G, light diffusing Lumen, PET-G ESD and many more…

PRINT-ME is a brand owned by PPHU POLIGRAF Wiesław Kasprowiak, which has been producing filaments for 3D printing since 2016. It offers over 20 different materials from hobby applications - such as materials that glow in the dark, doped with glitter, wood or bamboo dust, to construction or industrial materials with special properties, such as low flammability - class V0, or polyamides with a minimized level of shrinkage or electrically conductive.

PRINT-ME has been conducting a lot of development work for several years, cooperating with universities and other research units in Poland. Therefore, as one of the few manufacturers of 3D printing filaments, it is able to produce a material with physical and chemical properties specified by the customer or, for example, in any color not available in mass production.

In 2022, rPET-G was added to the offer - an environmentally friendly filament made entirely of recycled materials. rPET-G is a 100% ecological and economical version of the standard PET-G filament. The filament is wound on a spool made of 100% recyclable cardboard and packed in biodegradable, recycled shrink film and cardboard.

Another material from the PET-G family is the Lumen filament. The material has unique properties thanks to a special additive - it diffuses light. It can be used for all applications related to lighting printing, such as lampshades, lithophanes, LED housings, lamps or illuminated decorative elements. Despite the use of a filler, the filament prints just as well as regular PET-G filament offered by Print-Me.

PET-G ESD is filled with carbon nanotubes, thanks to which it can dissipate an electric charge. It is an antistatic filament intended for use in housings of electronic components, buttons, potentiometers, connectors, electronic sockets.

PrintMe Flex MDT, commonly known as RUBBER, is an elastomer containing ferromagnetic powder. The greatest advantage of this filament is the interaction in a magnetic field, moreover, printed details from this material are detected, for example, by magnetic detectors. This property makes it particularly suitable for the food industry, where the absence of contamination of any origin is important. PrintMe Flex MDT filament printing is very comparable to printing with other PrintMe Flex filaments, it is also characterized by very low shrinkage.

The Nylon X CF material, which is a composite filament based on PA6/66 and carbon fibers, has joined the group of filaments dedicated to the industry. It belongs to the construction materials ideal for applications in the automotive, electrical, electronic and sports industries. It is an ideal material for the production of industrial details such as: bushings, bearings, screws, gears because it is characterized by high abrasion resistance and high impact strength. It has insulating properties and chemical resistance to greases and oils. Prints from this material are durable, flexible and can be machined.

In 2020, the Print-Me team started working on the R&D project "ProtoPlastMaker 4.0. An innovative center for additive and machining plastics processing, responding to the needs of prototyping in industry 4.0”. ProtoPlastMaker 4.0 is a project implementing the assumptions of the competition announced under Priority Axis 1 - Economy and Innovation, Measure 1.1 Research and Innovation - I type of project - R&D projects of enterprises in the Lubuskie Voivodeship.

During the last two years, the assumptions of the project were implemented and with the arrival of December the project was successfully completed. In 2023, a large-size, fully automated additive and removal center will be added to the offer, combining the best features of a 3D printer and a 5-axis milling machine. The greatest achievements include the development of a proprietary extruder design, printing from granules, enabling printing with 100% filling, retraction, printing from pure, composite and filament reinforced materials. The extruder in the basic version can print with a capacity of 10 kg / h, while in the XL version - 20 kg / h. Another advantage is the control of the printing and milling process using G-code, written by hand or implemented from a slicer.

The team of PRINT-ME scientists does not stop in research and development. Work is currently underway to develop a method of obtaining recyclate from PET bottles, which, by modifying its properties, can be reused using additive technologies, and more specifically for direct printing from granules.

The company's latest large undertaking is the recycling of empty filament spools as well as failed prints, supports and filament scraps. Print-Me gives waste a second life and reuses all waste to produce new filament spools. From this place, a huge thank you to the customers for their exceptional commitment to the campaign. To participate, please visit: https://print-me.pl/formularz-zwrotu/ fill out the application form, send spools or waste. In return, each participant receives a voucher entitling them to a discount on purchases.

The article is financed under the project number RPLB.01.01.00-08-0020/19 - Priority Axis 1 - Economy and Innovation, Measure 1.1 Research and Innovation - I type of project - R&D projects of enterprises in the Lubuskie Voivodship.

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