Merit3D - an American service company from the state of Utah, announced the setting of the world record for the number of parts printed on 3D printers. Merit3D produced 60,000 parts in less than eight hours, using the British Photocentric large-format photopolymer 3D Liquid Crystal Magna printers. The event took place on January 25, 2022 at the Merit3D plant, and it was witnessed by many local officials and business owners who, in addition to watching it live, had a unique opportunity to learn about the possibilities of additive technologies in the context of their commercial activities.

Record 3D prints were part of the order for the client Mert3D - Alaska Guide Creations (AGC) from the same city. It is an authorized dealer of high-quality outdoor optics and a manufacturer of accessories for binoculars and other hunting tools and accessories. AGC was looking for a specific buckle for backpacks on which to hang the binoculars. The buckle was to be zipped on the side and fit into the design of the backpacks. Unable to find a satisfactory existing solution, the company's designers designed their own custom buckle that eliminated the need for an SR buckle.

The default way to produce the clamps for 60,000 pieces was injection molding, however AGC did not want to wait for the production of the injection mold and was still not entirely sure if the design it created was the final one? By outsourcing the production of an injection mold, it would not be possible to apply any changes … At the same time, Merit3D made a number of different iterations of the design within one week to finally produce the clamps on a large scale - and in one working day!

The parts were produced on 3D Liquid Crystal Magna printers of the British company Photocentric, which was the first in the world to develop a method of 3D printing from light-curing resins using LCD screens and UV backlight. The device uses an LCD screen with a diagonal of 23.8 ”, offering a working area of 510 x 280 x 350 mm. A few days ago, Photocentric presented the new version of the device v2.

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Paweł Ślusarczyk
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