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Markforged introduces two new 3D printing features for 17-4PH stainless steel – Precision and Turbo modes

Markforged presents a new version of 17-4PH stainless steel for the Metal X 3D printer. Compared to the original recipe, it is easier to handle, available on larger spools, and working with it gives reliable results. The company also introduces two new 3D printing modes: Fine Features and Turbo Mode.

No changes to the hardware of the 3D printers are required to take advantage of the new features on Markforged Metal X. Users will get access to them via automatic software update in the cloud, and users with an online subscription will receive them as part of a quarterly update.

Originally available for copper 3D printing, now also available for 17-4PH v2 stainless steel, Fine Features dramatically increases 3D printing resolution for smoother surface finish, dimensional accuracy and smaller component production. To use it, simply select this option when setting the layer height in Eiger.

In 2019, Markforged introduced the Turbo mode for 3D printers printing from composite materials from the Industrial series, allowing for a significant acceleration in the production of parts. High printing speeds can reduce the quality of parts, but Markforged has developed a way to speed up the performance of a 3D printer while maintaining a high standard of mechanical properties and surface quality. Turbo mode is now available for 17-4PH v2 stainless steel. As in the case of Fine Features, the option is activated by selecting the appropriate layer height in Eiger.

Turbo mode allows you to 3D print stainless steel parts +35% faster than basic mode, and for selected geometries this value can be even higher. The feature can make a significant difference to the throughput of the Metal X system – especially in the 1/1/1 (Print/Wash/Sinter) configuration.

The distributor of Markforged in Poland is 3D Phoenix. Ask what can improve your business: [email protected].

Source: www.markforged.com

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