During Formnext 2022, Makrforged announced the release of a virtual tool for testing 3D printing applications – Simulation. The software is expected to accelerate the adoption of composite 3D printing that combines plastics with carbon fibers by allowing users to simulate part strength before generating a 3D printable file. Simulation is free at the moment, but will require a subscription later.

The Markforged 3D printing technology, combining pure polyamide with carbon, glass or Kevlar fibers in one production process, is on the one hand extremely functional in the production of parts with high fracture strength, but on the other so unique and specific that its full harnessing and understanding when and where to use additional fibers can take users a long time. A new simulation tool can significantly reduce this time and become an invaluable tool for better and more efficient generation of parts for 3D printing.

Unlike traditional simulation tools that require specialist knowledge and time-consuming analysis, Simulation is designed for additive manufacturing and works in cooperation with Markforged Eiger – a program used to prepare models for 3D printing. The user can verify the strength and stiffness of the part with virtual tests by identifying the anchors and load surfaces, then enter the load values, factor of safety and maximum deflection. They can then optimize parts by automatically specifying 3D printing settings for the substrate, walls, infills and reinforcing fibers to achieve the best cost-to-print time ratio while maintaining adequate strength.

Source: www.markforged.com

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