3D Systems has announced the expansion of its portfolio of metallic and polymer materials for 3D printing. The company introduced two new metal powders – Certified HX and Certified CuCr2.4, both certified for use in the DMP Flex 350 and DMP Factory 350 3D printers, and HX has also been certified for the DMP Factory 500 system.

HX is a high-performance nickel alloy that contains a higher percentage of molybdenum (up to 9.5%) compared to other nickel alloys to increase its strength and resist corrosion, distortion, cracking and oxidation in hot zones. It is suitable for the production of large applications requiring hot-area applications with operating temperatures up to 1200°C, such as gas turbines in power generation and industry. 3D Systems developed the parameters in cooperation with GF Machining Solutions and tested them with GF Casting Solutions based on real IGT and aerospace applications.

CuCr2.4 is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant copper alloy that is significantly stronger than bare copper for thermal management and cooling applications in high-tech, consumer goods, automotive, aerospace, and defense industries.

3D Systems has also expanded its polymer portfolio by announcing a strategic partnership with WeMatter, a Swedish manufacturer of lower-cost selective laser sintering systems. The partnership aims to extend the global reach of WeMatter’s Gravity SLS system, which is now available in EMEA, with 3D Systems as the exclusive worldwide distributor.

The Gravity 3D printer debuted in 2020 as a more accessible plug and play solution for SLS 3D printing. The device is CE certified for use in offices, hospitals and research laboratories, takes up less space than typical industrial SLS systems, but has a large working chamber size of 300 x 300 x 300 mm. It also features a unique powder handling system where materials are loaded via easy-to-handle cartridges and unused powder can be recycled.

Source: www.3dsystems.com

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