igus – a German manufacturer of high-performance industrial polymers, has introduced igumid P190 – a new filament for 3D printing, which is very stiff and durable thanks to the use of carbon fiber in its composition. The material is dedicated to the production of structural elements and connectors for cable carriers, as well as 2-component 3D printing in combination with another material of the company – iglid i190. igumid P190 can be purchased as a filament or parts made of it can be ordered via the igus online 3D printing service.

From 2020, igus offers two-component 3D printing (2K), which makes it easy to combine materials with different properties. This is also the idea behind the new, carbon fiber reinforced igumid P190, which has been specially developed as a material component for the iglide i190 tribo-filament. The latter material is characterized by high wear resistance and excellent service life due to the solid lubricants contained in the material. Its abrasion resistance is up to 50 times better than ordinary filaments for 3D printing.

The igumid P190 filament has a low density of 1.25 g / cm³, and the high material strength ensures lower material requirements. Due to this, the material can also be used for the production of lightweight structures. Due to its high strength and stiffness, igumid P190 is also suitable for the production of very durable components. Internal tests carried out according to DIN EN ISO 178 by igus have shown that the fiber has a flexural strength of up to 237 MPa and an E-modulus of 11.5 GPa.

Source: www.igus.com

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