GREENFILL3D – a Polish startup creating innovative biomaterials for 3D printing, based on, among others, wheat bran, won the title of Eco-Investor 2022 in the Food Industry. The competition is organized by BIKOTECH – the publisher of AGRO Industry and Nowości Handlowe magazines, as well as the creator of the most important conferences for the Polish food industry. This year’s EKOinvestor awards were presented during the Polish Beverage Congress 2022 – the largest event of beverage producers, which this year was held under the aegis of Coca-Cola HBC Poland. The competition itself was organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

The “Eco-investor in the food industry” competition has been held since 2016. The goals of the competition are, among others emphasizing the social responsibility of the food industry, promoting environmentally friendly technologies that reduce negative impacts, distinguishing the most interesting environmental projects implemented in the food industry and popularizing the best available practices related to energy efficiency and reducing media consumption.

Participation in the competition is free, and entries are assessed by independent, unrelated experts. This year, the chairman of the jury was prof. dr hab. Janusz Wojdalski and the group of experts consisted of prof. dr hab. Roman Niżnikowski, dr hab. Eng. Bogdan Dróżdż and dr inż. Lech Maryniak. The award was given for the ECO POS project created by GREENFILL3D for the MASPEX Group, which was created in 3D printing technology, based on wheat bran, which is a side effect of the production of Lubella pasta. The project is implemented in accordance with the principles of circular and zero-waste economy.

It is not the only distinction the company has received recently. On September 14-15 in Warsaw, during the annual Marketing Festival, another edition of the POS STARS competition was held, where the best advertising stands of the year were assessed. The distinction was awarded to the stand of Lubella (MASPEX Group), where the key element was the ECO POS by GREENFILL3D.

In recent days, GREENFILL3D also participated in the prestigious INSUMMIT conference – Festival of Insights and Innovations, where during the GREENSPIRATIONS panel, representatives of the company talked about the production technology of bioplastics based on natural materials and ways of their practical use in 3D printing technology.


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