GREENFILL3D – a Polish startup specializing in the production of applications in 3D printing technology using proprietary green materials based on wheat bran, announced the strategic cooperation with Deckard Design, the company producing full-color lifestyle accessories made of metal and photopolymer resins. As part of the joint activities, Deckard Design will support GREENFILL3D in the implementation of 2.5D full-color printing technology for its biodegradable applications and will distribute selected everyday items on the European and North American markets.

At the beginning of this year, GREENFILL3D presented advertising stands manufactured in 3D printing technology from the proprietary GF3D Branfill3d material, based on wheat bran. The advertising stands were made for the leading European pasta producer – Lubella, belonging to the MASPEX Group – the largest food producer in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.

At the same time, GREENFILL3D was constantly developing its 3D printing technology from green, biodegradable bran materials, looking for applications where its material would be a significant advantage. The result of this search was establishing cooperation with Deckard Design, another polish company that creates phenomenal jewelry, fashion and everyday accessories using 3D printing technology, classic methods of metal processing, and combining them with full-color, 2.5D UV printing.

Deckard Design was founded by Marcin Bosek – the founder of Modern Forms, a leading European producer of medals and occasional trophies. Marcin Bosek was the first in the world to develop a technique of applying colorful, structural prints on metal surfaces. In the fall of 2020, Bosek launched a new company in which it develops color 3D printing technologies, specializing in the production of utility gadgets, accessories and home furnishings. Since then, Deckard Design has been expanding its sales worldwide, offering a wide portfolio of unique products to clients from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, or Italy.

The first flagship product of Deckard Design were bottle openers imitating, for example, occasional playing cards. Over time, the manufacturer’s offer has expanded to several hundred other items, such as key rings, desk decorations, stands for incense sticks and candles, wall decorations and garden accessories. In 2021, the company installed over a dozen desktop UV LCD 3D printers, printing from light-curing resins, enriching its portfolio with super-precise, full-color fashion and lifestyle applications. The company is also experimenting with natural, biodegradable resins that fit in with the ideas of sustainable development and ecology.

Currently, Deckard Design implements its projects with unusual properties – its products imitate, for example, denim, concrete, stone, wood, as well as allow the creation of complex geometrically transparent applications, which, combined with a full-color 2.5D print, create a unique, phenomenal effect. Deckard Design products are distinguished not only by their appearance, but also very light and cheap – the vast majority of them cannot be made with other manufacturing techniques (at least not at these prices and production time).

In cooperation with GREENFILL3D, Deckard Design colors the products made of natural bran material, giving them a unique character. The companies also cooperate in the area of implementing 2.5D full-color printing technology in GREENFILL3D. Deckard Design also sells and distributes GREENFILL3D products on global markets through Etsy.

The first group of products that the companies implement together are tags for potted plants that combine functionality, unique design with the naturalness and ecology of bran material. Tags are available in dozens of variants dedicated to various types of plants, as well as in the option where the user can manually add descriptions and easily remove / wipe them off. The companies are working on new applications of this type, with plans to expand the joint product offer to several hundred unique products.


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