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Formlabs introduces two new, innovative 3D printing resins: silicone 40A and aluminum oxide 4N

Formlabs announced the launch of two new resins: Silicone 40A and Alumina 4N, intended for Form 3+ 3D printers. Additionally, the company has launched an Open Platform that will enable 3D printer users to use third-party materials and create custom settings for the printing process.

Since its inception, Formlabs has preferred to maintain control over the resins used in its 3D printers, offering users 45 grades of proprietary photopolymer materials. This approach has its strengths in terms of ensuring the appropriate quality of 3D printing, but it also has its limitations – users cannot freely experiment with materials from other suppliers, which may have different, more interesting properties than what Formlabs currently offers.

The Open Platform includes three new solutions designed to expand the capabilities of Formlabs 3D printers and provide users with greater versatility. “Certified Materials” offers users a curated selection of best-in-class third-party resins, starting with resins from Kulzer GmbH, that enable biocompatible dental applications. Meanwhile, the “3D Print Settings Editor” is a new feature of PreForm that allows advanced users to modify print settings to tailor their printing performance. The “Open Material License” is an optional, paid software license that allows users to print using any 405nm photopolymer resin.

The new 40N silicone resin combines the material properties of cast silicone with the flexibility of 3D printing. Thanks to the company’s patented pure silicone technology, users can print 100% silicone parts with complex geometries that are not possible using traditional manufacturing methods. According to the manufacturer, this material generates parts with excellent chemical and thermal resistance and is capable of producing parts that can withstand repeated cycles of stretching, bending and compression. Formlabs believes the material is suitable for use in the automotive, industrial, medical and consumer markets, and can be used for both functional prototyping and the production of end-use parts.

Formlabs Alumina 4N Resin has a relative density of 98.6% and a purity of 99.99%. The company believes the material is reliable in extreme conditions for thermally resistant, abrasion-resistant, mechanically strong and chemically inert parts. Alumina 4N is suitable for use in the defense, foundry, chemical, automotive and semiconductor industries.

Silicone 40A, Alumina (aluminum oxide) 4N are now available for sale. The PreForm print settings editor will be released in early October 2023. The Open Material license will be available in early Q1 2024.

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