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FormFutura introduces PLA and PETG weighing 2 kg in the “refill” option

FormFutura – a Dutch manufacturer of 3D printing materials, is one of the main innovators in the industry in terms of implementing ecological solutions for its products. The company was one of the first to switch to cardboard spools as well as popularize the concept of “refills” – filaments sold on rolls that are mounted on reusable spools, printed on their own 3D printers. Now the company is going a step further in this direction by introducing 2 kg refills for PLA and PETG materials.

The material is deposited on a cardboard coil, on which two identical circles printed on an FDM / FFF type 3D printer are installed, which create a stable and functional reusable spool. The original assembly circle design has been published by FormFutura on the Printables platform and can be downloaded here.

The manufacturer emphasizes the eco-friendliness of its solution through a lower carbon footprint – the material is not wound on a disposable spool and is packed only in reusable vacuum-sealed ziplock bags. The bags are equipped with a zipper and can be reused to store different filaments.

At the moment, FormFutura offers refill filaments in two weight variants: 0.75 kg and 2 kg. The first costs € 15, the second € 39.99 (in both cases it is a gross price with VAT).

Source: www.formfutura.com

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