FIT Group – provider of industrial additive manufacturing, enhanced its capacity to develop proprietary software solutions by establishing its latest fully owned subsidiary FIT Additive S.R.L. in Brasov, Romania.

Additive manufacturing offers tremendous opportunities to improve the form and function of many products. To achieve AM’s full potential, a redesign, often as extensive as a new design concept, may be required. To provide these new AM designs cost-effectively, FIT is automating and standardizing the AM workflow. This amplifies the need to enhance our software development capabilities.

FIT is currently developing a proprietary software solution for a lot size of one. AM lot sizes can be small. Unless different parts can be combined in the same lot, it is challenging to optimize cost.

Dr. Andreas Ziegler, Head of Research and Development at FIT AG explains:

Thanks to our new Romanian subsidiary, we will accelerate our software development process by more than 300%. A strategic advantage of being located in the university town of Brasov is, we have access to many highly skilled software engineers.

Carl Fruth, Founder and CEO of FIT AG, adds:

As a lesser known international company, our strategy was to choose a prestigious office location in Brasov to attract top talent. This is the beginning of our long-term commitment to Romania. We are delighted to welcome Ovidio Lupo to our team, who has proven to be a highly experienced software development manager.

The focus for next month is to begin building our new team by hiring 10 software development engineers in Brasov and to establish strong integration and collaboration between our Romanian and German teams.


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