Fiberlogy – the leading European manufacturer of filaments for FDM / FFF 3D printing, has introduced a new material in its offer called FiberSmooth. With its help, it is possible to create 3D prints that, after an additional, chemical finish, obtain an almost perfectly smooth surface.

FiberSmooth is the trade name for Polyvinyl Butyral, more commonly known as PVB. This polymer is valued for its ease of processing, which consists in treating it with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) – the effect of “bathing” in the IPA vapors dissolves, creating a uniform structure and blurring the boundaries between the layers. This creates a smooth, glossy surface that gains strength when completely dry.

Filaments from the PVB family can be classified more in the group of products with aesthetic and hobby values than technical ones. They resemble PLA with their properties and are equally easy to 3D print. They are perfect for the production of decorative elements, figurines, decorations (including Christmas ones) and ready-made products.

FiberSmooth 3D Printing Parameters:

  • 3D printing temperature: 215-225°C
  • bed temperature: 75°C
  • closed chamber: not required
  • cooling: 75-100%
  • 3D printing speed: <100 mm / s
  • no need to use additional adhesives on printbed.

FiberSmooth comes in 5 colors: Black, Graphite, Gray, Red and Blue. Fiberlogy will systematically expand the palette with new colors, including a colorless version, which will allow for an almost perfectly transparent coating. FiberSmooth filament is available for sale through a network of brand resellers, the list of which is available on the manufacturer’s website.

Source: Fiberlogy press materials

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