German manufacturer of industrial metal 3D printers TRUMPF has qualified Equispheres AlSi10Mg powders for its TruPrint 3000 series of systems. The qualification process has confirmed that Equispheres' advanced aluminum materials can achieve up to 33% faster construction rates with the TruPrint system than with standard aluminum powder.

TRUMPF will provide two parameter sets for the Equispheres materials. The basic set of parameters achieves 13% higher capacity than the standard parameters for aluminum. There will also be a 'performance' set of parameters that provides 33% faster building speed while maintaining similar durability characteristics.

TRUMPF's qualification tests were performed on 60 microns thick layers and an application rate of 164 cm³ / h was achieved in a dual laser system. The company is also trying to publish parameters for the use of Equispheres aluminum powders in other 3D printing systems.

The TruPrint 3000 TRUMPF 3D printing system uses powder-based laser melting to produce parts up to 300 millimeters in diameter and up to 400 millimeters high. In a configuration with two lasers, two 500-watt lasers scan the entire working chamber of the machine in parallel.

Equispheres aluminum powders are manufactured using a unique process that produces highly uniform, spherical particles. This year, the company launched commercial-scale reactors, increasing production capacity to meet the growing market demand.

Photo: (press materias / all rights reserved)

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