EOS will launch a new high-strength, high-elongation aluminum alloy this summer

EOS – a German manufacturer of 3D printers for metal and powdered plastics, intends to launch a new high-strength aluminum alloy – EOS Al5X1. The material was developed as part of a recently established screening program that takes into account customer requirements and selected application designs.

As reported by the TCT Magazine portal, four versions of the same component were presented at this year’s RAPID+TCT, three of which were finished in a different color. Among the many advantages of the new material is the possibility of anodizing and electropolishing it, as well as only one heat treatment step. EOS claims that Al5X1 has a higher strength (410 MPa) than most other aluminum alloys on the market, as well as allowing an elongation at break of between 15-18%. The combination of these features makes the material very resistant to fatigue, and customers in the aerospace, defense and consumer electronics industries are already expressing interest in its availability

EOS also emphasizes that there is a lot of interest among potential users of the new material for the minimal heat treatment needed to finish printed parts. The heat treatment for Al5X1 is intended to be as simple as a six-hour cycle at 400°C, without the need for a T6 heat treatment cycle and water or oil quenching.

The material can also be electropolished to improve the surface finish, and dyes can be used during the anodizing process to finish the parts in different colors. At RAPID+TCT, EOS showcased parts that had been type two anodized and painted blue, red, and black with a nickel acetate sealer.

Although the material has not yet been officially launched on the market, EOS informs that it already has the first five customers queued – including one from the defense industry. The official premiere of the material is expected this summer.


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