Marie Langer – CEO of EOS, a German manufacturer of industrial 3D printers of the DMLS and SLS type, announced today on the LinkedIn platform that the company she leads is ending commercial cooperation with clients from Russia. This is directly related to last week’s attack by Putin’s Russia on Ukraine and the continuing escalation of military operations against the country’s civilian population. Langer stressed that the only exception to this decision would be activities in the area of ​​humanitarian or medical applications.

In her post, Marie Langer states that she is fully aware of the business ramifications of this decision, but more important to her and her company are the values ​​of EOS. The company openly and officially stands on the side of Ukraine, at the same time emphasizing that its decision is not addressed to the Russians, but to the regime led by Vladimir Putin and all mufirs and institutions subordinate to it.

EOS is one of the largest and most distinguished companies in the global 3D printing industry. It was founded in April 1989 by Dr. Hans Langer in Gräfelfing, Germany – a small community south of Munich. Since 1990, the company has been developing printing systems made of light-curing resins in SLA (stereolithography) technology, and one of its first customers was BMW. Over the next five years, EOS introduced its first laser sintering system (SLS) based on polyamide powders. In the following years, the company developed and produced new machines, including metal 3D printing systems, working in DMLS technology. It has branches in Italy, Great Britain and Finland. In 2001, EOS opened its North American headquarters in Novi, Michigan.

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