On Thursday, new restrictions come into force regarding the wearing of protective masks in public space. The purpose of this is to minimize the extent of the virus’s spread, especially by people who are infected with the virus without any symptoms. Due to this fact, it is worth equipping yourself with your own protective mask, which you can use for 3D printing.

In response to this situation, many companies in the 3D printing industry publish their own models of protective masks, making them available for self-printing 3D. Facial masks have presented their propositions Copper3D, recommending its production from antibacterial materials or HP, officially promoting the solution developed by scientists of the Czech Technical University. Now, the German FiT Additive Manufacturing Group has joined this group, presenting a simple mask that does not require specialized filters.

The model proposed by FIT, called filter carrier, is a protective mask that has the form of a mesh basket that can be embedded on the face with the help of rubber bands. Any filter material is placed inside it, which makes the model the right solution in emergency situations. The model is intended for adults, and thanks to easily replaceable filters, it can be disinfected and used repeatedly. FIT designers are currently working on a smaller model optimized for use by children.

As the creators explain, their masks are not intended for people working in hospitals or dealing with the sick, but for users who need a protective mask when shopping or walking the dog. As they say, the goal of such a solution is to provide access to this type of solution with ever-growing demand.

Carl Fruth, CEO of FIT AG, emphasizes that both he and the design team are aware that this solution will not provide 100% protection against infection, but will reduce the risk of infection by droplets. At the moment, the most important thing is to slow down the spread of the virus, to give the chance to hospitalize those who need it most.

The FIT solution has been optimized for 3D printing in SLS technology, however FIT provides its solution to everyone.


Source: fit.technology

Magdalena Przychodniak
Editor-in-Chief of the 3D Printing Center. A biomedical engineer following the latest reports on bioprinting and 3D printing in modern medicine.

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