3D Printlife is a company which cooperates with Fab Lab Hub to fund nonprofits through discounted distribution of its eco-friendly filaments to the Fab Lab network. Fab Lab Hub has guaranteed special discounts on innovative new environmentally-friendly filaments of the company for Fab Labs and associated organizations in terms f the Fab Lab Network. What is more proceeds from filament sales go to help fund its non-profit work with Enable, Limitless Child International etc.

Fab Lab Hub is thrilled to partner with 3D Printlife. Bringing 3D printing filament to makers in the Fab Lab Network at a discount helps make being environmentally conscious also economical.  We’ve tested both the eco-friendly Enviro ABS and PLAyPHAb PLA/PHA blend and 3D Printlife meets all of our quality requirements.  We’re looking forward to sharing this exciting new product with our Fab Lab friends.

Sarah Boisvert, Founder of Fab Lab Hub

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Fab Lab Hub is a non-profit organisation helping to bring new digital fabrication laboratories associated with MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms into the Fab Lab Network.  With over 1000 fab labs around the world, the network provides a place where anyone can create "almost anything".  Fab Lab Hub focused also on coordination and managing with the Boston-area enable project, 3D printing prosthetic hands which are given to those in need, organizes the annual DigiFabCon, Digital Fabrication conference and is launching FabWorkforce, a new platform linking digital fabrication workers, training programs and employers.

We are so proud to partner with Fab Lab Hub to distribute our eco-friendly materials to the Fab Lab community. Fab Lab Hub will provide discounted distribution of 3D Printlife’s eco-friendly 3d filaments to the entire Fab Lab network, and proceeds will provide additional funding for nonprofits like Enable and Limitless Child International, as well as support new and existing Fab Labs.

Buzz Baldwin, Co-founder of 3D Printlife

3D Printlife and Fab Lab Hub have enlisted the aid of BSC Supply in Waltham Massachusetts to confirm that each Fab Lab receives the highest level of service and support. BSC has provided individualized account based service in the consumables and imaging technology industries for over 30 years.  BSC declares, that is going to furnish each Fab Lab with a dedicated account representative ensuring that every location is working with an expert who not only knows the 3D Printlife product line, but also their individual account.

BSC Logo

BSC Supply is excited to partner with 3D Printlife and the unique eco-friendly products they have brought into the 3d filament space. We look forward to providing the Fab Lab network and Fab Lab Hub the same level service and expertise that we have delivered to our customers for over 30 years.

Brian McShane, President of BSC

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