US-Based DesignBox3D, a distributor of the best professional grade 3D printers, and Spanish 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D Technologies have embarked on a partnership to bring the BCN3D SIGMA 3D Printer to the US market.

Their co-operation will be based on the following: DesignBox3D will be responsible for the promotion of the BCN3D Sigma through the US territory, as well as of spreading the BCN3D Open Source project to all the American users. BCN3D Technologies will officially support DesignBox3D during all the process, granting a complete revolutionary 3D printing experience for all the potential BCN3D users.

DesignBox3D from the USA, is a distributor of professional grade 3D Printers, which helps manufacturing firms interested in smaller production runs, architects, universities and design professionals bring their product and design ideas to life with the aid of 3DPrinting. It carries Type A Machines, MassPortal Pharaoh 3D Printers, BCN3D, TierTime UP 3D Printers, ZMorph3D 3D Printers, 3DGence Desktop 3D Printers and more.

sigma drukarka

What is special in the BCN3D Sigma?

The BCN3D Sigma is a professional FFF 3D printer. Above all, its main advantage is a great innovation – IDEX (independent dual extrusion) system.  It enables combining of different materials, colours and properties in the same part, as well as printing complex geometries using soluble support structures. Is possible due to each extruder prints each part while the other one remains on the side, preventing the dropping of molten material into the printed part.

The BCN3D Sigma allows to print multicoloured pieces on the same print. This option provides greater complexity to the printed pieces, making them more attractive, without affecting its quality or printing time. Thanks to its sturdy aluminium chassis and high quality components, the BCN3D Sigma can print up to 50 µm layer height. Moreover, it is equipped with: TouchPAD resistive full colour screen, hot workbed and printing area of: 21 cm x 29, 7 cm x 21 cm.

First results of the cooperation will be shown during the beginning of May, where DesignBox3D and BCN3D Technologies will announce their reseller network in the US bringing the first units of the BCN3D Sigma to the market.


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